Scream is one of my poems from “Diary of Jenn“. It’s kinda dark. Enjoy.

Mine is the place where you hide in shame. You may scream all you want but it’s all in vain. No one knows your name and you can’t escape.

What happens to you isn’t your choice. You may scream all you like but you don’t have a voice. No one cares who you are and there’s no way out.

Sometimes hot as lava, others cold as ice. You may scream if you wish but I still won’t play nice. It doesn’t matter who you are, I will never let you go.

I wait in the shadows until night falls, it gets even darker when I come to call. Your eyes begin to widen, your backs against the wall; you can’t find the exit and now it’s too late.

Open your mouth to let out sound, I come in and you are bound. Trapped inside, within yourself, you watch me lift your body, turn it left. Into the bathroom, find the blade then we watch your blood cascade, from your arm into the sink. You look in the mirror and see me wink.

Clean up the mess and hide it from others, go back to bed and hide in the covers. Look forward to tonight when when we do this again. Scream if you like but I’m already in.

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