Alice and Alex Excerpt

Alice and Alex, book one of the Full Circle series, is mere days away from being available for purchase on!! Yay! In the mean time, enjoy this brief excerpt!

Alice and Alex-Excerpt 1 (Copyright©2019 Jennifer Treece)

We stepped through the portal to find that the demon army had become bored enough during their wait to start brawling with one another.

My general blew the horn signaling my arrival and everything stopped immediately. Random hisses and low snarls still sounded here and there through the silence; promises to each other that their brawling was to be continued.

I made the announcement that we were ready to attack. Cheers roared throughout the enormous cave system in which they currently resided. I held up my hand to silence them again and continued.

I laid out the plan then split them into battalions and grouped those battalions into four divisions; one for each entrance into the mountain…

…Once everyone was clear on the plan, we made our way back through the portal and started snaking silently through the paths and trails that would take us to the various doors of the facility…

…I through my head back and roared for the charge to begin and in mere minutes we were in and the final battle was underway.

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