New Book of the Week! 2

The new book of the week is here! We continue with the second book in The Awakened series by Jason Tesar, Paths of Destruction.

Jason Tesar is an amazing author with incredible imagination!

Warning: if you read one, you’ll NEED to read the rest!

If you missed out on my first book of the week, no worries! I got you right here! The Awakened Book one: Awaken His Eyes, is currently available for free digital download so it won’t cost you a thing to check it out!

Clicking the links in this post will take you straight to buy the books! No need to search around!

Also, the first three parts of Phantom Island have already been posted so if you’re missing out, stop it! Get over there and catch up! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any more!

If you’re already a victim of Phantom Island… moohaha… I mean.. Thank you!

Disclosure: As an amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through my links. It doesn’t cost you anything and it helps me! (Win-Win!) Just use my link to do your regular Amazon shopping! Thanks!

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