Hello Again!

Hi everyone!

I have been sooo crazy busy lately! There are still so many things going on that I cannot yet announce but I will say this; things are about to get epic!

This is what I can share with you today:

1.) I have begun publishing my books through other retailers! Soon my books will be available just about anywhere books are sold! This will give you all more options for purchase than just amazon! (And access to the best deals on my books!) I will post another announcement when it’s all set and the links are on jenntrigued!

2.) I have set the “featured” section for the holidays! Did you know that you can send gifts right to the doors of friends and family straight from Amazon? Or that Amazon offers gift wrapping? Check it out on jenntrigued! (Scroll to the bottom of jenntrigued and click on the adorable little santa for more information on Amazon gift wrapping!) *NOTE: holiday links removed after holiday*

3.) I have started a GoFundMe for jenntrigued! (Click the link to read my story and show your support!) *UPDATE: GoFundMe link has been removed because the project has ended*

And don’t worry about Phantom Island; that’s still going on too! I had some amazing opportunities to come up that I couldn’t  allow to pass me by, so my focus had to be pulled from Phantom Island for a bit. I WILL get it going again soon!

As always, Thank You for reading!


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