Phantom Island-Story 4-Part 2-“Derek”

Two days after Byron and Lady Death met, Derek was wondering if he should regret his plan and if he had just helped to create an unstoppable couple of murderers.

They had found the bodies of four young men in the park; all of which lacked an evident cause of death.

At the scene, Kast had just given him a sideways glance and all he could do was put his head down. They were they only ones who knew of the plan and that Byron and his lady had taken a walk in this park recently. The other officers couldn’t be trusted with the information and it was extremely dangerous.

The dead group of boys had been well-known trouble makers that had escaped prosecution more than once. They were suspected of drug and sex trafficking so no one felt too choked up about their being out of commission. The scene had been cleaned up quickly and the cases against them closed.

It was this instance that gave Derek his first real insight on how things worked on Phantom Island. The best strategy for dealing with an entire island of criminals was to pit them against one another and hope that the lesser of the evils prevailed.

Now he understood why Kast had been easily persuaded in the plot against Byron; this was something he had to do every single day.

Derek thought Kast must be grateful to have someone to work with for a change. He had told Derek repeatedly to be weary of the other officers. They too had their secrets, though they weren’t nearly as prevalent as Byron’s.

Derek hadn’t been here long enough to develop secrets of their caliber. His biggest “secret” was that he had taken to heavy drinking recently; and that wasn’t much of a secret.

He and Kast had decided it would be best if Derek followed Byron and his lady for a while to get a better idea of how to proceed. They hoped to learn the dynamic of the relationship so they might understand which of the two had more influence.

They also hoped to learn the identity and character of Lady Death. If she was of better character, as she seemed to be, they may be able to work with her to bring down Byron.

Six months later, Derek knew that would never happen. The lady’s name is Kelly and she hasn’t left Byron’s house alone since she got there. She is clearly loyal to him.

Coincidentally, she does seem to have more pull in the relationship. Byron hasn’t killed anyone else and he has become the asset the chief always knew he could be.

He comes to the office more cheerful and solves case after case as if they were the simplest of puzzles. He has the biggest work load and gets the most complicated and oldest cases; which he breezes through in mere days.

Derek can’t help but to admire Byron; he is everything the chief said and more. He in fact, probably could fix the whole island single handedly; and it wouldn’t even take him a week.

Just last week, Derek and Officer Kent were interrogating a guy who was less than cooperative; until Kent threatened to get Byron to conduct the interrogation. The guy went from laughing in their faces to almost bursting into tears. He couldn’t answer questions fast enough after that. It was incredible.

Kelly had absolutely changed Byron’s life around. Derek hoped this positive change was permanent; he had come to realize that without Byron, the entire island would be out of control. The man merely needed to exist to keep them in check. The mention of his name made hardened criminals wet their pants, for goodness sake! He was the most powerful weapon the police had.

As Derek drove home from another day of surveillance, he found himself hopeful that they wouldn’t have to bring Byron down after all.

His optimism slowly faded as he pulled into his drive-way. He was still depressed about his own situation and every time he came home he mentally relived that day. He couldn’t understand why he seemed to be unable to move.

He thought about it all the time, had even had the realtor to show him a couple of other places. Ultimately though, the strange melancholy that came with the thought of being free of this place, kept him here.

Derek let out a deep, weary sigh and got out of the car. Just as he closed the door behind him, his cell phone rang. A look at the caller ID told him it was Kast. He tried to sound more content than he was when he answered.

“We need you at the morgue.” He said. “The body of Vivian Lansky was just found on the bay.”


As Derek hung up the phone and headed back to his car, he wondered why his optimism always seemed to be misplaced.

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End of Story 4-Part 2

Copyright©2019 Jennifer Treece

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